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PLCheck enables companies to recover money from suppliers by identifying duplicate invoices, duplicate payments and unclaimed VAT transactions in the purchase ledger.

HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS if not billions of pounds are being lost by British organisations, due to mistakes in their accounts payable / purchase ledgers.


The main issues for most businesses are unclaimed VAT, duplicate payments caused by duplicate invoices within the purchase ledgers of their accounts payable department, and invoices being paid through the purchase ledger that have already being paid by credit card, petty cash or nominal bank transfers.


Recover money from duplicate payments from your accounts payable, gain peace of mind that your purchase ledger is operating with best practice and is free from duplicate invoices and erroneous duplicate payments by performing an Accounts Payable Audit using PLCheck.


Advanced Purchase Ledger

Analysis And Accounts

Payable Audit

Identify duplicate invoices and duplicate payments

We were delighted to recover over £5,000 of savings in our Sage system!

Geoff W

Small Manufacturing Firm


News Release:

Sep 2011: Duplicate invoice processing concealed 170k cunning fraud.

Had the business or their accountants used PLCheck, duplicate invoices would have been uncovered immediately.



News Release:

Oct 2010: UK councils wasting £150 million on paying duplicate invoices according to Eric Pickles, Communities and Local Government Secretary.


News Release:

Oct 2010: Poor houskeeping disguised £470k fraud.

PLCheck could have been used to improve controls.



Ensure Best Practice

Detect And Deter Fraud